Aside from being a musician, I also build my own effects pedals. The reason for this was simple….. All the vintage pedals I wanted were expensive, really expensive and I couldn’t afford to buy them. The decision initially was to research a couple of pedals that I wanted to see if it was possible to make them for myself. The end result of that research was the Colorsound Power Boost clone. I copied an original PCB, etched it myself then sourced NOS components. After about 4 weeks I was ready to build it. Once I finished it, I tested it and was blown away by it. It was loud, very very loud and I could then understand why Gilmour used one in the 70’s. I then decided to build a Big Muff, but not any Big Muff….. I wanted a clone of David Gilmours. After I researched some more I found the excellent The Big Muff Pi Page by Kit Rae. He spent years researching all the different iterations of Big Muff, and concluded that he’d found the circuit that sounds the closest to David Gilmours. I copied this circuit, built it and tested it. It was as close as I think it would ever be. The rest is history, since then I have had commissions from the USA, and I’ve also made a Big Muff for Chris Oliver the guitarist in The Chameleons Vox, bass player Barry Fratteli from the scottish rock band The Fratellis, and also an 18v Power Boost for Steve Mac of The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Currently in my rig I use clones of the original Rams Head Big Muff, the silicon Fuzz Face and the Colorsound Power Boost. All PCB’s are printed and etched by me, with the exception of the Big Muff which was sourced from Pigeon FX. Pigeon FX recreate the PCB’s exactly as they were in the original pedals, so if you order a Rams Head big Muff off me it’ll be built with an exact clone of an original EHX board. They are quite simply the best reproduction boards on the market, and the first choice for me when building pedals to original manufacturers specifications.

if you’re interested in commissioning me to build you a custom pedal reach out to me via the contact page for a quote. All prices are on application, as they are built bespoke for you, hand soldered and in most cases the PCB’s are hand etched too. All enclosures are Hammond and are custom designed and can include your own artwork if you supply it to make it even more personal to you.  If you use your own artwork, the proof will be sent for your approval before I commit it to the enclosure.

All payments must be made via PayPal with an initial deposit of 50% to confirm the order, following your payment landing in my in box I’ll liaise with you via email during the build. I’ll even send you photos of it as i’m building it. In general as they are all made to order expect around a 6 week lead time for delivery. This is due to the fact that I use a lot of NOS components, and these have to be sourced for each pedal individually. Once the pedal is finished I’ll send you an email with the invoice for the remaining 50%. Once that’s been received the pedal will be shipped.

Currently, the pedals I build are the following:

“Rams Head” Big Muff (David Gilmour Circuit)
This circuit is derived from the one on Kit Rae’s excellent website The Big Muff Pi Page The circuit is based on the Big Muff that was used by David Gilmour from the mid 70’s to the 80’s. Used on Animals and The Wall, the Big Muff is responsible for some of the most famous solos in music history, famously Comfortably Numb from the wall album. This pedal is built as true to the original as possible which includes 4 Vintage 2N5133 Transistors with Gold plated Leads, Mullard tropical fish capacitors and NOS carbon composition resistors. There are new “non-tone altering” improvements such as true bypass, a status LED and off board mounted pots. All housed in a custom designed Hammond Enclosure. This pedal uses a pre-fabricated PCB, and as many NOS components I can source to keep it authentic.

“Black Russian” Big Muff
I made one of these for a client who used to have an original Black Russian Muff but sold it. I made this for him, and the end result was fantastic. The sound is spot on for a Black Russian, plenty of growl, dark and endless sustain. This pedal is made with all new components and original Russian transistors. Probably better suited to more contemporary music rather than classic, but still a Muff through and through. This pedal uses a pre-fabricated PCB.

“Green Russian” Big Muff
This Big Muff is a clone of the version 7C Green Russian Big Muff. This version has 2 1nf feedback/filter capacitors in series for the first 3 tone stages. This was changed on later models. Favoured by bass players and guitarists alike, this pedal has the same basic schematic as the famous civil War Big Muff, but with a couple of refinements. dark and fuzzy with a growl to rattle windows. this pedal is suited to guitarists and bass players who are after a more modern contemporary feel. This pedal uses a pre-fabricated PCB, and as many NOS components I can source to keep it authentic including original NOS Russian transistors.

“Civil War” Big Muff
This Big Muff is a clone of the Civil War Big Muff as used by David Gilmour during the 1994 Pink Floyd world tour, and was his main distortion pedal on that tour. This pedal has the same basic schematic as the Rams Head and the Green Russian but with slightly different component values to produce the classic civil war tone clearly heard on the album PULSE by Pink Floyd.

Power Boost.
This is an exact clone of the 18v Colorsound Power Boost famously used by Marc Bolan and David Gilmour, and contrary to popular belief is nothing like the Colorsound Overdriver that was used by Jeff Beck which was only a 9v pedal and went into overdrive much earlier than the power boost. This pedal is a treble and bass boost so is more akin to an equaliser and volume boost. Talking of volume boost….. If used incorrectly this pedal will break windows, it will boost your output by upto 75%. Even when the “volume” knob is on minimum it gives you a 10% boost, therefore there are 2 options with this pedal. You can have it as standard like the originals, or I can install a master volume to “tame the beast” and allow you to roll the volume down but increase the gain into overdrive. This was famously used on all the Animals album, and with a Big Muff on the solo to Comfortably Numb from The Wall. This pedal uses a hand etched PCB, and as many NOS components I can source to keep it authentic.

Steve Mac – The Australian Pink Floyd show. “Plenty of clean headroom and a thunderous low end. Loads more than the official 9v Colorsound or Cornish ST-2. They all sound lovely in their own way but yours has all the finesse of the original but with added grunt being 18v. Terrific job Andy! “

Fuzz Face
This is a simple pedal, which is basically a clone of the late 60’s silicon Fuzz Face. Used by Gilmour from the late 60’s upto around 1975 and the Wish You Were Here album and tour, it also featured on Darkside of The Moon and Meddle. Want to play the solos to Money, Time, Echoes?…. You need this pedal. It can also be made with germanium transistors for a more smoother less aggressive fuzz. The germanium was used by Gilmour on the earlier material from around 1968 up until around 1970/71. This pedal uses a hand etched PCB, and as many NOS components I can source to keep it authentic.

Clean Boost
This pedal is as simple as it gets. If you want a clean boost for solos, or maybe you just want to even out the levels between two guitars with different output pickups this is the pedal for you. Based on the MXR® Micro-Amp this is a simple 1 knob affair that does what it says on the tin. A transparent clean volume boost. Personally I use this boost in my rack system placed after the Electric Mistress. The issue with the Mistress is that when you engage the effect you get a 15% drop in volume, so i placed this little pedal after the Mistress in the same audio loop… Now when i engage the Mistress there isn’t a volume drop as I’ve set the volume to unity via the boost pedal. Simple but effective. This pedal uses a hand etched PCB.

Brian May Treble Boost
Another simple circuit that is a clone of the famous treble boost used by Brian May. Based on the Guild® Brian May Treble Booster, this is a floor version of the booster that Brian uses strapped to his guitar strap. This pedal uses a hand etched PCB.

All pedals come with a 3 year warranty. If anything goes wrong send it back and it’ll be repaired free of charge…. All you pay for is the postage.

There are more pedals being worked on now, and will be added as soon as they’ve been tested.

If you’re interested in ordering any of these pedals please contact me for a quote. The prices vary dependant on what you want as all pedals are custom for each customer.