Hi, i’m Andy Betts… I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13, and semi-professionally since I was 18. With a long history of live work and recording work I have notched up a fairly impressive amount of experience ranging from playing for a Cèilidh folk band, New Wave Post Punk bands, Progressive Rock bands and also Pink Floyd Tributes.

It’s playing for the various Pink Floyd tributes that I feel I really excel, being a bit anal for detail, and analysis of the material being very high regarding reproducing how the original songs were played.

My style of playing is firmly blues based, I’m most definitely not a “shredder”, I am however for want of a better word a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, in so far as I’ve played most styles, but do not consider myself an expert in any of them….. Others may disagree.

I’m available for deps, recording sessions, and guitar lessons for beginner to intermediate.

I also have a big interest in electronics, more specifically with guitar based effects pedals. Over the last few years I’ve built clones of many pedals, and have also had commissions to build exact clones of vintage pedals that are no longer made. Currently my focus has been on reproducing pedals from the 60’s and 70’s like the Arbiter Fuzz Face, The Electro Harmonix® “Rams Head” Big Muff and the Colorsound Power Boost. All of these pedals are made with NOS (New Old Stock) components, and newly fabricated PCB’s that are identical to the originals. If you’re interested in ordering a pedal please click here or the contact link in the menu to find out more.