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Hi people, just finished building my new web site after living with the old one for around 6 years. I used to use Joomla and I found that quite hard to get looking nice without altering the coding on the server, but have now moved to the dark side and installed WordPress. It’s like a breath of fresh air. The back-end of WordPress is so easy to use, and the integration of plugins is so easy. I’ve added a few extras that the old site did’t have like this blog that you’re reading now, and also the ‘Pedals’ link in the menu which I’ll explain more of in a moment. Generally the new site is cleaner and i’m sure you’ll agree easier on the eye.

Over the last few years I’ve taken an interest in electronics. The reason for this is as a guitarist I’ve always wanted to buy some of the older more vintage effect pedals but have found that the cost far outweighs the need. They cost sooooo much. For example, as Gilmour fan I’ve chased his tone for years, and of course wanted to acquire some of the same effect pedals that he uses. The first on my list was the famed Colorsound Power Boost and the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. Now you can still get a Big Muff in most decent music shops, however they’re the newer version and sound nothing like the older 70’s Muffs. The Big Muff used by David Gilmour is a “Rams Head” Big Muff, likely from around 1973/4. Buying one from that era could cost in excess of £800, and that’s not the only issue. With time, the electronic components change, especially the capacitors which may start to leak and not hold charge like they used to. There’s also the issue of the old transistors they used in these pedals…. They just don’t make them anymore, and although you can buy NOS (New Old Stock) parts they’re not in enough quantities to satisfy high volume production. The Power Boost is another animal altogether. You can still buy this pedal from Macaris in London, but the cost is still out of my budget, at £299…. I reckoned I could make clones of these pedals for a fraction of the price.

Long story short, i researched both pedals and finally plumped on building the 18v Power Boost, and a 1973 Rams Head Big Muff (with a circuit based on the the pedal used by David Gilmour). First pedal build was the Power Boost, and the end result was nothing short of a revelation. It was loud…… Very, very loud and needed a master volume control which I fitted which the original pedal didn’t have. This pedal is so loud that it’s scary. I was on a roll, and the Big Muff was next, again this was excellent, so good in fact that I built one for a friend Chris Oliver who plays guitar for The Chameleons Vox. He was dead chuffed with his, and off the back of that I had a commission from a guy in Austin Texas…. The rest is history. I’m now building pedals to order, custom for your requirements. If you’re interested in ordering a pedal, contact me using the link above or by clicking here. There will be a store eventually, and that will be added just as soon as I have the content to add to it. For now, just browse the pedals I currently build.

I’m also looking at getting back involved with playing music again. I’ve spend the last year (and a lot of money too) in rebuilding my rack system to what it is now. I believe i have a rig that is flexible, and good enough for any situation. It uses both digital and analogue technology by employing a TC-Electronic G-Force effects processor which I’ll primarily use for delays, but in the rack I also have the Big Muff, the Power boost, a Fuzz Face, and also an original 1977 Electric Mistress the same as used by David Gilmour on the Animals tour and on the Wall tour. If you’re looking for a good guitarist, ready to go contact me. I’m up for deps, sessions basically any paid work… And if the band is right, as a full time member.

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