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OverDrive Custom Guitar Works is a dedicated Fender® Stratocaster® parts resource. They are dedicated in assisting musicians acquire the parts they need to repair and maintain their Strat® as well assisting them to achieve the tone, style and uniqueness in upgrading, modifying or building their Strat®. Simply put, they live, breath and speak "Strat "...


Currently they are specializing in a custom Gilmour style Black Strat® project where they are custom building complete and authentic replica Black Strat® pickguard assemblies with thier own custom manufactured unique Black 1 Ply 0.120" Acrylic pickguard with a Rounded and Polished perimeter edge, they have also contracted Seymour Duncan's custom shop to manufacture specifically for them the "SSL-1C DG" pickup.  They're proud of our commitment to producing one of the most accurate and authentic replica Black Strat® pickguard assemblies available.

Andy uses a Strat® loaded pickguard from Overdrive Custom guitar Works loaded with a Fender custom 69, a fat 50's and a custom wound Seymour Duncan SSL1DG. The pick guard has the the small toggle switch to switch in the neck pickup when the pickup selector is in positions 1 and 2. Andy is proud to be associated with them and endorse their products.



Designacable are a UK based company offering exceptional quality custom made cabling. We have seen a gap in the market for a business that offers quality and flexibility, informatively and at a very competitive cost. They firmly believe that they are unique in what they offer. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of thier operations and they go to great lengths to achieve it. Andy's whole system is wired with cabling and connectors supplied by designacable.




Big, bold, badass wah wah.  That wah tone you've been searching for....  That wah wah tone that makes you think of John Shaft walking down the street....That wah tone you've heard on records but could never seem to get. 

Vintage-inspired....but better!  That's what you get with the Area 51 Wah. Not all vintage wah wahs were created equal.  Some are downright magical, and some are, well.......let's just say... less than inspiring.   One of the keys to building a magical wah, is understanding those things that make it "magical" in the first place.  Equally important, is how to make it repeatable.  Area 51 test every single one alongside a reference wah to ensure that they are extremely consistent. That applies to the wah kits also. They plug each board into a jig for sound testing. This is something that the big companies simply cannot do.

 Andy has a modified Dunlop Wah chassis with the full Area 51 conversion inside. he also has a switch on the wah to reverse the input and outputs to recreate the classic Gilmour "Seagull" effect used in songs like Echoes and Is There Anybody Out there from the Wall.




Pedal Python™ cable snake wrap system ensures all your stage cables are tidy, secure. Pedal Python™ installs as fast as a set of guitar strings, in about 15 minutes. Ultra-Lightweight. Hugs your cables like snakeskin. And best of all, it's REUSABLE time after time!




Aside from being a musician, Andy also builds his own effects pedals. Currently in his rig he uses clones of the original Rams Head Big Muff, the silicon Fuzz Face and the Univibe. All PCB's with the exception of the Univibe were sourced from Pigeon FX. Pigeon FX recreate the PCB's exactly as they were in the original pedals, so if you order a Rams Head big Muff off Andy it'll be built with an exact clone of an original EHX board, Likewise if you order a Fuzz Face it'll be built using an exact replica of an Arbiter board...... Right down to Arbiter being written on the board. They are quite simply the best reproduction boards on the market, and the first choice for Andy when building pedals to original manufacturers specifications.

if you're interested in commissioning Andy to build you a custom pedal contact him via the contact page for a quote.