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Fender USA Stratocaster "Black Strat" 

Yamaha 6 String Electro Acoustic

Ovation 12 String Electro Acoustic

Mandolin Electro Acoustic


In the Rack


Samson Power Conditioner

Sennheiser Radio System

Korg DTR1 Rack Tuner

TC Electronics G-Force Multi Effects Processor

Mesa Boogie TriAxis Midi Programmable  Pre-Amp

Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher

Colorsound Power Boost Clone

Rams Head Big Muff Clone

Silicon Fuzz Face Clone

Uni-Vibe Clone

Randal RT-2-50 Midi Programmable Power Amp


On The Floor


Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro Midi Foot Controller

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal - Volume

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal - Expression

Area 51 Custom Wah Pedal (With reverse wah "Echoes" switch)

Tap Tempo Pedal (Controls delay times on the TC G-Force)




2 x Marshall 6212 Anniversary series Speaker Cabinets


Supplementary Equipment


Heil Talk Box