Andy has used most types of equipment through the years, from combo valve amps, to transistor amps, and also both analogue and digital effects. With his current system Andy believes he has a rig that suits most applications. Flexibility was the word when this rig was planned and built, and in it he has embraced both digital and analogue technology to provide the flexibility to suit most scenarios. Having played in a couple of Pink Floyd tributes, this rig suits the medium perfectly, and enables Andy to reproduce the sounds and textures of classic Pink Floyd, as well as more contemporary music.

Fender USA Stratocaster “Black Strat”
Yamaha 6 String Electro Acoustic
Ovation 12 String Electro Acoustic
Mandolin Electro Acoustic

In the Rack
Samson Power Conditioner
Sennheiser Radio System
Korg DTR1 Rack Tuner
TC Electronics G-Force Multi Effects Processor
Mesa Boogie TriAxis Midi Programmable Pre-Amp
Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher
Colorsound Power Boost Clone
Rams Head Big Muff Clone
Silicon Fuzz Face Clone
Electric Mistress
MXR Micro-Amp Clone
Randal RT-2-50 Midi Programmable Power Amp

On The Floor
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro Midi Foot Controller
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal – Volume
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal – Expression
Area 51 Custom Wah Pedal (With reverse wah “Echoes” switch)
Tap Tempo Pedal (Controls delay times on the TC G-Force)

2 x Marshall 6212 Anniversary series Speaker Cabinets

Supplementary Equipment
Heil Talk Box